Private Yoga & Meditation


If you are new to yoga, looking to deepen your practice, or working around an injury then private instruction is for you. This personalized attention will help you to achieve what might take months in a group class.

  • Newbie – Are you having a hard time understanding the poses or want to know if you are doing them correctly? Being one on one with a teacher can really help you understand the ins and outs of the yoga poses we do in class.
  • Coming back from an injury – Not sure what poses are okay for you after you have hurt yourself? Well, one of our awesome teachers can help you find modifications and make sure your alignment is just right for your body.

Receive instructions designed for your specific needs. Experience the benefits of having immediate feedback and your questions and needs met regarding yoga. No previous yoga experience is required. Depending on your needs, some of the options are:

  • Refine your structural alignment
  • Posture sequence designed for your needs
  • Learn posture modifications
  • Learn to breathe to your fullest potential


This class is for anyone and everyone. Whether you are curious about meditation or you have an existing daily practice, let me guide you the way for you to start practicing at home or in the office. We’ll start with a short reading and then sit together in silence or with gentle guidance. The practice will employ the four foundations of mindfulness and the traditional forms of breath awareness, walking meditation, loving-kindness (metta), and more.

Sound Healing Meditation

Vibration is at the very essence and core of life itself. The ground beneath you vibrates as do the trees and the stars above. This type of meditation will offer you a chance to heal the body, mind, and spirit as well as realize and thereby manifest intentions. Sounds are created using Tibetan singing bowls. You may practice the meditation seated or lying down on comfortable bolsters and blankets. Cultivation of living harmoniously with nature and life can be felt with a sound healing meditation.

Private Yoga Nidra

A one-on-one Yoga Nidra session created for your personal needs. Yoga Nidra translates as “Yogic Sleep” and is a very powerful guided meditation practice for rejuvenation, healing and relaxation. The practice of yoga Nidra is a profoundly healing guided meditation that has been found to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and create deep relaxation. I will come to you with everything you need for Yoga Nidra